Monday, October 4, 2010

Chapter 10 - What's A Girl Gotta Do To Get A Dollar?

Early last week Chip, Dennis and I flew up to the property to button up for the winter. We were told that the NCA meeting was going to be on Thursday afternoon. Just in case we didn't get the last bit of funding we needed, we wanted to make sure the property could handle the cold without sacrificing another well pump to the winter gods. The weather was not so great, but it was nice to get out of the Florida heat for a few days.

Monday was a throw-away travel day. Got into Plattsburgh at around 7pm (our flight was late due to the weather). Thankfully, Dolores from Priceless Rent-A-Car was there to meet us. They're our new favorite rental car company. On Tuesday, we drove into Ticonderoga, then through Crown Point, Port Henry and Moriah. We had to stop to get apple cider and apple cider donuts, of course. I think it's mandatory. Dinner Tuesday was a birthday celebration with the family.  Great food, great company AND birthday cake. Can't go wrong!

Wednesday, we took a Sunday drive. All around Keene, Keene Valley, Jay, Wilmington, Lake Placid and up Veterans Memorial Highway. Although it was overcast, rainy and cold, we spent the $22 to drive to the top of Whiteface in zero visibility. What a great experience that was! We stopped at a couple of lookouts along the way and the mist had a great effect on the view. Gave it a completely different look and feel than full on sun, very pleasant change. The stone stairs were closed to take you to the top of the mountain, too slippery in that weather. I've been down those stairs in good weather and had a little trouble. But that's just me (graceful ballerina, I am not). I can imagine that they're slick as ____ (fill in your own colorful adjective here) in the rain.

Up the elevator we went, into the castle and out onto the rocks. Little nippy up there. I didn't venture out as far as Chip and Dennis until Chip told me to go out onto the deck. Standing back in the middle of the rocks the wind was blowing, but not unbearably hard. Once I got out near the edge of the deck, the wind was swirling, whirling and rushing up so hard that I bet it could have held me up if I leaned over the edge. Note: This is not an experiment I would actually try. I had had enough and headed back to the elevator after that.

Dinner was in Schroon Lake, then Thursday we took care of the water lines and well pump, prepped for our next visit. Nice trip--short and sweet. No campfires and marshmallows this time. Too wet. No sunshine and lollipops either. NCA turned our funding application down.

Sheesh! What's a girl gotta do to get a dollar?

Don't answer that.


  1. Things are miserably tight in New York State, have been for as long as I can remember (and I'm in my 40s). The good times ended in the 60s....

    But still, miracles can happen. So keep plugging away!

    I have never been up to Whiteface, but am so desperate to go. I'm desperate to go ANYWHERE, I tell ya! It's great that you enjoyed the ADK so fully.

  2. Sounds like you had a nice trip...except for the NCA part!! Bummer! So sorry to hear that. I have only been to the top of Whiteface once, and it was in thick mist - zero visibility. It was kinda funny actually - we have pictures of the Whiteface elevation signs surrounded by white mist. I'm sure the view must be great on a nice day, LOL! Continue to keep us posted and don't wait so long 'til your next post. Even if nothing major is happening, tell us more about your dreams and plans for the place to tide us over. :-)